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NEWOmo 3-in-1 Pods: The SMART way to do laundry

Skip the mess of dosing your detergents and try OMO pre-dosed pods! Omo pods are worry-free and mess-free with perfect results every time

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Bacteria iconKills 99.9% of Bacteria

Why Omo 3in1 Pods?

OMO capsules contain a pre-measured dose of powerful laundry liquid that powers through stains without leaving any mess.

One pod equal one wash 1 Pod = 1 Wash
Care for clothes Care for clothes
Kills Bacteria Kills bacteria
Tough on stains Tough on stains
Fresh eucalyptus scent Fresh eucalyptus scent

All in one - For the perfect wash video

Key benefits

Key benefits

  • Easy to use and store
  • No mess or dosage measuring
  • Cares for your clothes and removes stains
  • Active ingredients kill bacteria and mites
  • Phosphate-free

How to use

How to use?

1. Take the laundry capsule out of the box with dry hands

2. Place the capsule at the back or bottom of the machine drum, not the dispenser drawer

3. Place clothes on top of the capsule and start the washing cycle

Omo capsules and a basket


Please do not remove capsules and leave them exposed to heat, dampness or direct sunlight. Please ensure your hands are dry when holding the capsule.

After taking out a capsule, promptly close the lid and ensure it is tightly sealed. Store in a cool, dark and dry area.

Suggested to use for machine washing at temperatures about 30c. If after washing, some packaging residue is found on the clothes, simply wash away the residue with hot water.

Omo Pods

Omo 3in1 pods

Power through stains without leaving any mess

Frequently asked questions

Yes, Pods can be used in both top load and front load machines.

OMO Pods give you 3 washing benefits; it removes stains, while being gentle on your clothes and kills 99.9% of bacteria found on clothes.

With OMO's powerful Pods, you can clean up to 5kg of clothing with 1 Pod.

It is only advised to use 2 pods if you are washing more than 5kg of clothing.

Yes OMO Pods are safe and effective to be used on colored clothes as well as whites.

We recommended OMO Sensitive for baby clothes, since our formula is tough on stains and gentle on skin.

The capsule should be placed in the drum with the clothes and not in the drawer.

No, OMO Pods were developed with a technology that dissolves the film during the wash, leaving no traces of it on your clothes

OMO pods come in Eucalyptus fragrance, which is extracted from natural enzymes to guarantee a safe perfume.