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Build a secret den


Your kids can construct a real den in the park from whatever they can find around them.  And don’t worry about your sheets getting grubby – it’s nothing that OMO can’t handle.

What you need:

  • Fallen branches
  • Bracken, ferns, leaves and any foliage from the park and woodland
  • Ground sheet
  • Several enthusiastic kids
  • Snacks and drinks for once the den is built!

What to do:

  1. Arrange the biggest branches first to create a shelter structure
  2. Build up the ‘walls’ with smaller branches, and foliage
  3. Have an adult check the finished den before the kids go inside, just to make sure it’s sturdy enough
  4. Line with a plastic groundsheet if you have one
  5. Finally, accept that you’re going to be banned from the den as soon as it’s completed, as there’s usually a ‘kids only’ rule!