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Play Sly Fox with Your Younger Kids

The game Sly Fox is also called Grandmother’s Footsteps and can be played in groups from 2 to 10 players.Younger kids especially love it, as the suspense of creeping towards their target without getting caught can land them in hysterics! You might want to ask the older kids to play the Fox to make it as fair a game as possible!

What you need:

  • A large open space
  • A wall, or a line to be used as the home-base

What to do:

  1. One player is chosen to be the Fox, and faces away from the rest of the players
  2. The other players sneak up gradually on the Fox and aim to touch their back before they turn around to catch them
  3. Before the Fox can turn around, they must count to 10 under their breath or out loud as fast or slowly as they like
  4. When the Fox turns around all the other players must ‘freeze’
  5. If the Fox spots a player moving, or falling over, that player must return to the starting point again