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Break away from chores and head outdoors

Break away from chores and head outdoors

Do you feel like you spend too much time doing household chores during your long-awaited weekends? At OMO we’ve made it our mission to transform chores like washing into a quick undertaking, so that you have more time to spend making memories with your little ones.

When was the last time your family spent an afternoon in the outdoors? Gather your little ones on a sunny Friday or Saturday afternoon and head out to the park for a little playtime. Here's some inspiration on what can keep your little ones happily engaged.

No matter what, kids can never grow tired of playtime out in the park. Frozen tag across the dappled shade is a great way to get started. Hide and seek can be fun too, with the trees and bushes for props. Parents can have their share of the action too. Take a walk around the park and have the kids follow you. They need to copy your every move, whether it's bending down to look at stuff or hopping over the bushes.

If kids fancy a bit more sporting action, outdoor bowling can be a real hit. Fill empty water bottles with water or sand – to use as the bowling pins. Arrange the bottles in a triangle, draw up teams and have the kids take turns to bowl and keep score. There are more great ideas for team games such as basketball, soccer or volleyball. All you need is a ball and some props to mark out the play area.

Don’t forget to come prepared
Pack some sunscreen, a picnic blanket, two or three large scatter cushions, some cold juice, and paper plates. Also, bring along a basket filled to the brim with your family’s favourite nibbles. After running about all day your little ones are going to need something to fill up their hungry bellies and refuel their wild imaginations. Don’t worry about your children’s clothes getting dirty. Just throw their clothes in the wash when you get home, along with our OMO detergent, and let your machine handle the rest.