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The best seat in the house is outdoors

The best seat in the house is outdoors

When the sun is shining and you and your little ones have a whole day ahead of you, you might need some kids’ outdoor activities to keep everyone happy and entertained. If you’re looking for outdoor activities for kids to take part in, look no further – from tag to Twister, there are all kinds of fun and games you can try.

  1. Chasing games
    When it comes to fun activities for kids, tag is a classic. You could stick with the traditional version, where one person is chasing until they tag someone. Otherwise, you could try a slightly different version. One option is hide and seek but you might also try “What’s the time, Mr Wolf?” The rules for “What’s the time, Mr Wolf” are simple, and all you need is a big open space with one vertical surface (like a wall or a tree). One player stands in front of the wall with their back to the others and is known as Mr. Wolf. The other children stand in a line and ask “What’s the time, Mr. Wolf?” in unison. Mr. Wolf will give a time and all children count to that time out loud while taking a step forward – for example, if the answer is “three o-clock” then the children will count to three and take three steps forward towards Mr. Wolf. Mr. Wolf will then turn around, and the other players must freeze.

    If Mr. Wolf sees anyone move, that person is out. If another player is able to reach the wall without Mr. Wolf seeing them, they take over the role and the game starts again. At any time, Mr. Wolf might declare “it’s dinnertime” when asked for the time and chase the other children to try and catch them. Anyone who gets caught is out until the next round. If anyone gets to Mr. Wolf’s spot before uncaught then they are Mr. Wolf in the next game.
  2. Sports
    All kinds of sports can be fun outdoor activities for kids. You can go for traditional sports, like football, tennis, or basketball, or perhaps a fun team sport like tug of war. It's a simple game with just one prop – a long rope. In tug of war, two teams are pitted against each other in a test of strength. Teams pull on opposite ends of the rope, with the goal being to bring the rope a certain distance in one direction against the force of the opposing team's pull. There could be a line that divides the two teams. The winning team is the one that hauls in the other team, and over the rope.
  3. Board games, but bigger
    If you’re looking for fun activities for kids that are as enjoyable in an open space as they are at a table, why not look for variations on board games that can be played outside? For the brainiacs, look for a game of giant chess. For the acrobats, why not try outdoor Twister?

    You can even make your own outdoor games if you like. Instead of playing noughts and crosses on paper why not make a large version for outdoors? Paint noughts and crosses onto the back of paper plates and mark out a three-by-three grid on the floor using some rope. They get your kids to have fun by placing their nought or cross counter in a square and see who can get three-in-a-row the quickest!
  4. Treasure hunts
    You can find great outdoor activities for kids by taking advantage of their natural curiosity. If you’ve got an enclosed space, like a garden, you could hide some small objects with clues for them to follow, with a prize for the first person to solve all their puzzles. If you’ve got more space, you could try a scavenger hunt – give them a list of ten things to find, and give prizes to the first people to find them. Remember to make your clues age appropriate and consider hiding a range of treasures – from healthy treats and snacks to little gifts such as books, crayons, or even fan board games.
  5. Go exploring
    When it comes to a whole range of fun activities, there's enough to keep kids occupied and entertained at the beach. If the conditions are favourable enough, a dip in the water is the best fun they could have – under watchful eyes, of course. But there's a lot more fun to have in the sand. Beach football or volleyball can be really exciting for kids who love a little run-around. The more creative ones can get stuck in the sand building sandcastles or playing frisbee.

Have a go at these fun outdoor activities for kids and don’t forget to try your own ideas too! And, if you end up with any outdoor stains like mud and grass then take a look at our cleaning tips to find out how OMO can help.