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Dirty Today, Learning for Tomorrow

About the campaign

Global research shows that, on average, children spend an hour or less in active play. This translates to children spending more than 23 hours a day being inactive and idle. Over the years, not only has there has been a dramatic decline in the amount of children’s activity time but this has also become a norm in today’s technology age. Studies show, children, on average, spend approximately over 7 hours a day on screen time. And young girls, under the age of 5, spend approximately 4 hours in front of the TV.


With most of their time spent being idle and in front of screens, kids today are not getting the proper development they require for their age and obesity is becoming a bigger concern with an estimated 30% of GCC nationals younger than 20 are overweight or obese. These alarming statistics prompted our ‘#KidsToday’ initiative as part of the global “Dirt is Good” campaign. It portrays the facts about kids’ inactivity through a series of videos on social media.

Turning anger to pride

After shedding light on the inactivity of kids nowadays, we have revealed a heart-warming film with kids delivering a powerful message to convince moms to let them get dirty today in order for them to learn for tomorrow. OMO encourages mothers to feel proud, not angry, when their children actively play and get stains their clothes, because OMO believes, the lessons they learn from being active stay in their minds longer than the stains on their clothes, which can so easily be removed.