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Easter Arts & Crafts: How to Make Bunnies & Chicks

Easter egg hunts, chocolate bunnies and all things good…who doesn’t love Easter?! For an extra special one, try these recycled Easter kids crafts and make your own Easter bunny or chick.

You’ll need: 

  • old toilet rolls
  • paint
  • cotton wool
  • yellow feathers
  • coloured paper
  • scissors (always have an adult help with sharp objects)
  • pens
  • coloured felt
  • glue
  • googly eyes

To make:

  1. Paint the toilet roll yellow for a chick, or pink or white for a bunny. Or use your imagination for a new design.
  2. To make a rabbit, make ears by cutting out two long rabbit ear shapes from your coloured paper – use pink or white paper to match the body.
  3. For bunny feet, cut out two oval shapes from your pink or white paper. For a chick ‘s feet, cut out slightly smaller ovals from orange paper.
  4. Once your toilet roll is dry, draw eyes using a black marker pen. Or stick on googly eyes, buttons, or sequins.
  5. Next, make a beak or nose by cutting a triangle shape out of your coloured felt – orange is best for a chick, and pink or white for a bunny. Stick onto the toilet roll below the eyes.
  6. Add whiskers and a mouth using a marker pen if you’re creating a bunny. Remember to glue the ears to the inside of the toilet roll so they stick up over the top. Now secure your Easter animal to its feet by gluing around the bottom edges of the toilet roll and placing it down on top of the feet.
  7. To finish, glue a small piece of cotton wool to the back of your bunny or glue a yellow feather to each side of your chick. For a cute final touch, add a little tuft of feathers to the head of the chick.