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How to Make a Paper Aeroplane

Making an awesome paper dart plane that loops and swoops, is super easy, super fun and a great way to learn about aerodynamics. All it takes is imagination and some experimentation! Easy to fold, fun to fly, paper planes are cool activities for kids for both indoor and outdoor play or just rainy day fun.

To start:

  1. Fold a rectangular sheet of paper in half-length ways and place it in front of you with the fold at the bottom.
  2. At one end, take top corner flap and fold it back so that it’s lying flush with the bottom fold, creating a triangle.
  3. Then, turn the paper over and repeat on the other side. You’ll now have a point at one end. This is the nose of your plane.
  4. Then, take the top flap and fold it down in half to make a narrower point parallel to your bottom fold. Repeat a second time on this side to form a wing.
  5. Turn the plane over and use step 4 to form a second wing.

Now you’re ready for take-off - hold the plane by the ‘body’ underneath, folding the wings out each side, and throw!