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How to Make an Obstacle Course for Kids

There’s nothing like an obstacle course to get kids up and active – it’s the perfect way for them to burn off some of their endless store of energy, and fire up their imagination too. Are they travelling along a balance beam, or walking the plank on a pirate ship? Are they crawling through a cardboard tunnel, or making their escape though the air vents of an enemy spaceship?

Another handy thing about building this obstacle course for kids is that it works indoors and out, so it’s a good option for those rainy days when you’re trapped in your home. You can make this obstacle course in a room in your living room, in the garden of you have one, or in any open space near your house.

What you need to make an obstacle course:

  • Two empty cereal boxes 
  • An empty carton large enough to be a ‘tunnel’ 
  • A large inner tube 
  • Four empty and clean cans (make sure there are no sharp edges) 
  • A ‘balance beam’ (one long wooden board placed over two smaller boards, one at each end)

How to make an obstacle course for kids:

Place the items in a circle or along a path so your child can:

  1. Step over the cereal boxes 
  2. Crawl through the carton 
  3. Walk around the four cans (each one with enough space between) 
  4. Walk across the balance beam 
  5. And end up walking along the rim of the tube

This is just a basic design, and you can change the configuration of the obstacle course at any time for variety. As your kids get older, you might want to give them something a bit more challenging, or add a theme for parties. Other options, if you have them lying around, are:

  • Ring of fire – cut and glue orange paper or crepe flames to hula hoops, then prop them up for your kids to climb or crawl though. 
  • Laser beams – set up taut lines of red or neon string for kids to climb over and under as a secret agent-themed laser obstacle course. Watch the activity carefully to make sure they don’t trip. 
  • The floor is lava – cover the ground or floor with orange or red blankets, with two gaps in as a start and a finish. Give your kids objects (like pillows, or towels) to throw down and use as ‘stepping stones’ through the lava.

So, there you have it! Have fun making your kids’ obstacle course, and don’t worry about their clothes getting messy as they go – Persil can help with that.