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Touch & Smell

Kids learn best by exploration. And what better way to explore than to use your senses. Sensory activities for kids are so easy to do.

To do:

  • Fill a large bag with different objects collected on a nature walk or from around your house.
  • Now it's time for the kids to close their eyes and reach into the bag, feel the object, and name it.
  • Talk a bit about where it came from or its purpose.
  • Put these items in a box, smell each one as you hold it near your nose with your eyes closed: Cinnamon stick, garlic clove, coffee grounds, ginger, grass, pine needles, garden mulch, a dab of perfume on a piece of cotton, mustard, peanut butter, dill, lavender etc.
  • Can you tell more about each item? This is a great learning activity for kids to get in touch with their senses.