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Nature Quiz


This nature-based activity is a true and false game. Ask your child these questions:

The Monarch butterfly must have the milkweed plant to survive

Answer: True. It migrates north and south following the appearance of the milkweed plant.

Flies live in every country of the world

Answer: True

The ladybug is a pest

Answer: False. It is a friend and eats troublesome insects.

The firefly flashes its light so it can see where it is going

Answer: False. The light is used to attract a mate.

Earthworms have five hearts

Answer: True. If cut into pieces, each piece will still live.

Medicine can be made from trees

Answer: True. Many trees provide products that can be medicinal.

All trees have leaves

Answer: False Some trees have needles.

Trees give off carbon dioxide, which pollutes the air

Answer: False. Trees and all other green plants take in carbon dioxide and give off oxygen which we breathe.

The world’s tallest tree is a coast redwood in California

Answer: True. There is a coast redwood tree in California that is 360 feet tall.

Insects can be found in every part of the world except the North and South Poles

Answer: False. Insects can be found in the Arctic and Antarctic in the warmer months, although it is true they are not common in the oceans.