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Kid's Activities

Kid's Activities

Real kids need real play to feel happy, inspired and fulfilled. Help your kids discover the world through play by browsing out fun outdoor games for kids such as gardening activities and messy activities for kids. An important way to help their physical and mental development, our outdoor activities for kids are sure to have all the inspiration you need to help your kids get active.

Outdoor kids are happy kids!

Your kids will gain the most from their outdoor kids’ activities if they feel that they can run free without worrying about getting messy, so make it clear that it doesn’t matter if they get muddy. With a quick wash with OMO, they’ll be ready to get back out there again in no time.

Being laid back about mud and allowing your kids the freedom to explore doesn’t mean being laid back about safety. During children’s outdoor activities always keep an eye on your little ones and prepare for potential dangers. Even if you’re just enjoying gardening activities at home.

Fun outdoor games for kids aren’t so fun when sunburn is involved. Protect your kids’ precious skin by covering them up with sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat, and make sure they stay well hydrated. Limit sun exposure by enjoying some messy activities for kids in the shade.

Messy activities for kids are even better when there’s new knowledge to explore along the way. Encouraging your kids to help with gardening activities is a great opportunity for them to get dirty and learn about new plants. You might even be able to use some of them in our healthy recipes for kids!