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Easy, healthy recipes for kids

While you may love tucking into a big salad at lunch time, fruit and veg may not always be your child’s first choice when it comes to snacks. Many kids have a sweet tooth, and although it’s nice to have a chocolatey treat every now and then, as parents it’s important for us to share the importance of healthy eating with our little ones.

From allowing them to make their own healthy snacks to getting creative with your presentation, there are plenty of clever ways to get your kids interested in good food. These easy, healthy recipes for kids will give your children the opportunity to learn new skills and discover foods they may not have tried before – and, with Persil Liquid Detergent at your side, you don’t need to worry if these yummy treats make snack time a little messier either!  


Fun, healthy recipes for kids

Healthy eating doesn’t have to be costly, difficult, or confusing. Here are a few simple recipes for kids that will have them barmy for bananas, crazy for carrots, and potty for peppers.


1. Frozen banana yogurt bites

These banana yogurt bites will satisfy your child’s sweet tooth while also helping them to boost their daily fruit intake. In a bowl, mash a banana with a fork, add in a pot of yogurt, then spoon into silicone cupcake moulds, and freeze for a few hours until set. One of the easiest healthy kids’ recipes around, your child can help you prepare this in just a few minutes!  


2. Fruit & veg rainbow

Help your kids to arrange different colours of fruits and vegetables on a plate to make a beautiful rainbow. All you need to do is chop and arrange the food in the correct order. How about strawberries, carrots, pineapple, cucumber, blueberries, red grapes, and aubergine? Remember, always supervise children if they’re cutting up veg or fruit themselves.  


3. Pepper pizzas

Pizzas are usually a big hit for kids, and with a few little changes they can even be remarkably healthy. One of the best healthy recipes for kids is this pepper pizza, which uses a halved bell pepper for the base instead of dough. Just fill the pepper with anything you like - corn, avocado, tomato - and sprinkle with a little cheese before heating in the oven.  

These are just a few of the healthy recipes for kids that you can make at home with your children but there are plenty of other ways to encourage good eating habits. Why not get creative and try serving up some of the more unusual offerings that your children may not have tried before - like papaya, passion fruit, or plantains. You can even transform plain foods into something more fun by arranging them in a certain way – a banana trunk and kiwi leaves create a stunning palm tree, for example.  


Managing the mess

These simple recipes for kids mean that your children can dive right in, get involved, and learn new cooking and preparation skills with your help and guidance, but this done mean one thing: mess! Here’s some handy tips for cleaning up fruit and veg stains on clothes:

  • Use a spoon to remove as much excess fruit and veg from the clothing as possible
  • Flush the stain by holding the reverse side of the fabric under cold, running water
  • Add a little Persil small & mighty, and use the Stain Eraser Ball to work it in to the stained fabric
  • Wash the clothing at around 30 or 40 degrees /[check care labels before washing]
  • Check to see if the stain has been removed. If not, repeat the process
  • Allow to dry naturally. Dry white clothing in natural sunlight to gently bleach it

Always read the care labels on clothing before attempting stain removal and follow the instructions on any stain removal solution you use.  

Healthy kids’ recipes are not only fun for kids, but they can also be great for adults, too! With these healthy recipes for kids, encouraging your children to eat fruit and veg couldn’t be simpler. You never know – maybe your little ones will start reaching for a banana instead of a chocolate bar! Did you and your kids try any of our fruit & veg recipes? Get in touch and let us know!