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Baby’s Laundry


A new baby's skin is more sensitive than adults'. Here are a few tips to help to keep it soft and perfect:

  • Use a non-bio detergent  that gives a sensitive clean and is designed to be kind to delicate skin
  • Softened fabrics are kinder to skin. Comfort Pure gives unbeatable softness wash after wash.
  • Choose soft, natural fabrics such as cotton for clothes and bedding
  • Avoid wool next to their skin
  • Wash baby's new clothes before they wear them
  • Use layers of clothes so that you can easily take a layer off, or add a layer so that they don't get too hot or cold
  • Try to buy clothes that are machine washable rather than hand wash

But every parent knows that even newborns can be very, very messy! With clothes washing quickly becoming a daily, or even more frequent chore, it's important to use a laundry powder designed especially to handle baby messes and stains.