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Waterproofs and Gore-Tex™


  • Depending on what the label says, either dry clean or wash with soap to maintain your coat's waterproof qualities
  • Do not use detergent
  • However, remember that soap flakes should not be used in a front-loading machine – if you have this type of machine you should wash the item by hand
  • If you see a care label on a waterproof garment that says it should be washed in an alkaline free detergent, a silk & wool detergent will do the job - it's pH neutral and therefore alkaline free.


For Gore-Tex™ branded clothes

  • Any detergent can be used (whether it is biological, non-bio, or contains bleach or not)
  • Be sure to wash the clothes on a gentle cycle
  • Do not use a fabric conditioner

Gore-Tex™ garments are treated with Teflon, which makes them water repellent and a fabric conditioner can remove the Teflon, affecting the performance of the garment.

It would still be waterproof, so water would not reach your skin, but the garment itself could become heavy and water-logged.


Trimmings on garments can affect how they are washed or which product is used. For example, if a garment has a leather collar the care label may say 'Dry Clean Only' even if the rest of the garment is washable.