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Many foam and feather pillows can be washed but drying can take a long time. Always refer to the care instructions first.  Professional dry cleaning may be a better option, but ensure that the pillows are well aired to get rid of any residual fumes. If you do wash your pillows, ensure that the machine is large enough. Take care that the fabric case is robust and will not allow the filling to come loose, causing potentially serious damage to the machine. To prevent this, we recommend washing the pillow inside a pillowcase.


Always cover a pillow with a pillowcase and if it does get stained treat stains quickly using our Stain  advice. If the filling is feather or down, it is important to isolate the stain. Shake the feathers away from the affected area, then treat the stain according to what it is.


Trimmings on garments can affect how they are washed or which product is used. For example, if a garment has a leather collar the care label may say 'Dry Clean Only' even if the rest of the garment is washable.