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Stain Removal – Preparation


Most stains vanish completely if you act fast and wash the garment normally, but some are more difficult to remove and require special attention.Here’s some advice about what you should do before you attempt to treat a stain.For a guide with useful hints on how to remove those particularly difficult stains, please use our Stain Gang App or visit the Stain Solutions section.

Before You Start

Don’t forget – act fast. The sooner you try to remove the stain after it happens, the better your chance of complete success.


Before beginning your wash, it is important to determine whether or not your clothes are colourfast, otherwise you may end up with a messy wash with dyes running into other clothes! We recommend that you check the care label and do the colourfastness test.


If an item of clothing is heavily stained it may need soaking before you wash it.