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Machine Care


If your washing machine is not properly maintained the results of your wash can be affected. By following a few basic steps you can help your machine to function properly and deliver outstanding results.

Maintenance washes:

Two to three times a year, simply run the machine without any clothes in the drum, on the hottest wash, with the correct amount of detergent for a normal load. This 'maintenance wash' will keep the machine and the outlet pipes clean and free from a build-up of dirt, grease and hard water salts.

High Efficiency Machines:

The normal detergent dosage should still be used since the level of soiling and the number of items being washed are the same.


Overloading can cause poor wash results, damage to garments and ultimately damage to the machine itself. For most fabrics, the machine should be loosely filled. The load should be much less for fast wash / economy cycles. Check your machine manual.

Fabric Conditioners:

Only add fabrics conditioner to the final rinse either by hand or using the machine's dispenser. If fabric conditioner and detergents mix, they form a residue which will not dissolve and can build up as white / grey deposits in the machine, particularly inside the agitator of top loaders. Performing regular maintenance washes can help remove residues and careful addition of fabric conditioners will help prevent it occurring.