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Homecare and Your Skin


There are many things you can do to turn your home into a skin-friendly zone, and to help ensure that you and your family's skin stays healthy and beautiful.

Dust mites & allergens

  • Dust mites and allergens lurk in many places in the home. They particularly thrive in warm damp conditioners and can be found in clothing, mattresses, bedclothes, pillows and carpets.
  • Regular laundering is a very effective method of removing these allergens. For effective allergen removal use warm water (at least 25_C). To kill dust mites bed linen and clothes at temperatures of 60° C or above
  • Opening windows and vacuuming regularly helps keep them at bay
  • Use cotton bed linen and keep it clean and fresh


  • If you have sensitive skin, protective gloves can help when cleaning and prevent contact with cleaning products and dirt (try latex free gloves)
  • Ensure rooms are well ventilated when using general household cleaners
  • Try to avoid aerosol products
  • Damp-dusting helps to capture dust rather than spread it to other places
  •  We suggest using products which can be poured onto a cloth rather than sprayed on. Liquid cleaners  may be more suitable.
  • After cleaning, moisturize your hands with a product like Vaseline Intensive Rescue Soothing Hand Cream for very dry skin.

Air quality and temperature

  • Don't smoke or allow people to smoke indoors
  • Avoid extreme temperatures (hot or cold) as these can dry out the skin
  • Do not have your air conditioning set too low in summer or too high a temperature during the winter months
  • You might want to invest in a humidifier or create your own by putting a container of water near the heater in each room of your home during winter months
  •  Air-conditioning also dries the skin, so ensure regular water intake and moisturize your skin regularly with a product such as Vaseline Intensive Care