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Laundry and Sensitive Skin


 If you are concerned about your family's skin or someone has sensitive skin you may prefer to choose a more sensitive clean with Non-Bio ; together with Comfort Pure it provides a caring combination for delicate skin.

Non-Bio is specifically formulated for sensitive skin. It is dermatologically tested, and for extra reassurance its skin care research is validated by the British Skin Foundation.

Rinsing clothes thoroughly of laundry detergent is important if you have sensitive skin. Some machines use reduced amounts of water in the rinse cycle to save energy so an additional rinse cycle may help.

Soft, natural fabrics are better for skin, as they allow it to breathe. By using a fabric softener, such as Comfort Pure, fabrics will continue to be soft wash after wash.

No laundry detergents can be guaranteed suitable for people with serious skin conditions, so careful usage is important. Please read washing instructions carefully, and if you suffer from unusually sensitive skin please contact your doctor.