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It is time to put on your thinking hats! Create something constructive from plastic waste and give the plastic waste a second life.

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Upcycling Plastic

OMO now wants to challenge your imagination with a very exciting upcycling competition at the end of the Waste for Good programme. This competition will offer you, as our future environmentalists, a platform to exercise your creativity and design something beautiful and unique from waste. The very properties that make plastic so dangerous - its durability and long lifespan - also make it a great asset. We can reuse it almost endlessly either by recycling or upcycling it. It is the act of giving a product, or even just parts of a used product a second life. How wonderful is that?
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The competition will take place within groups. Please ask your teachers which group you fall in. Our panel of judges will then select two winners from each group, and both winners are awarded with exciting cash prizes!

Winners will be officially announced on the school newsletter on 20th May 2021.

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