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Why Dirt is Good for Kids?

Washing clothes isn't the most fun part of bringing up a family. Sometimes the laundry basket seems bottomless! But every time we clean our children's clothes, we're helping them to go back out there, clean, smart and prepared to take on the world. And every time they come back with dirt and stains, you know they're coming back with experience too.

Growing up is a messy business

We believe dirt is good for kids because without dirt there would be no experience. Dirt is the mark of adventure. It's a sign that we're getting stuck in and learning from life. Children don't only learn by being taught. They learn by doing. Hands-on experience, discovery, and trial and error are vital to every child's healthy happy development. Laundry might not be fun, but don't worry - OMO will take care of even the toughest stains, so you can concentrate on the important stuff. Dirt is essential experience for life.

Kids Activities

We've got some great ideas for kids' activities and messy play that are fun learning experiences too.

Research on child development

Dirt Is Good has commissioned several milestone reports on child development.