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The inside of a washing machine filled with laundry.

Front Load Detergents

Front load washing machines are designed to use less energy and water than top load washers. Plus, they get your clothing clean without lots of suds! To find a suitable front load detergent for you and your family, browse our products below.

OMO front loader detergents are available in liquids, capsules, and powders – pick your favourite!

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Find out more about front loader detergents

For front load washers, you should only use a high efficiency detergent designed for the purpose, like an OMO Front Loader Washing Powder or Liquid. Front load detergents are specially developed to contain less suds than top load detergents, as high levels of suds could damage a front load machine.

We’ve got great news for your wallet or purse – front load washing machines use far less detergent than top load machines, so you buy detergent less regularly! When using an OMO front loader detergent, read the label on the packaging and follow the dosing instructions carefully.

Choosing a suitable front loader detergent needn’t cause confusion. All OMO detergents are now available in one formula suitable for both top and front load machines. The specially formulated products contain just the right amount of suds to work efficiently in either type of machine.

As all of our detergents are suitable for top and front load washers, you can find an OMO front loader detergent in all formats and variants we offer. OMO Sensitive is gentle on skin, OMO Ultimate provides powerful stain removal, and OMO capsules are quick & easy to use!

Front load washers are made for high efficiency washing and are the most energy efficient as they require less water per a wash. They also spin quicker than a top loader which cuts down on drying time. Use an OMO Front Loader Liquid or Powder for best results.

Use a high efficiency front load detergent, such as a OMO Front Loader Washing Powder or Liquid, measure the appropriate dose, and add to the machine following the instructions provided in your machine’s manual. Set the wash cycle and press start! Clean, fresh clothes will be yours in no time.