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A baby crawling underneath a clean white towel.

OMO Sensitive

There’s nothing like the feeling of knowing that you’ll soon be welcoming a new little one into your family. We all know that it’s good for children to get messy, but how do you find a laundry detergent for baby that’s kind to delicate newborn skin while being tough on stains? 

The dermatologically tested OMO Sensitive range does just that! Find out more here.

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Find out more about washing with OMO Sensitive

Measure out the appropriate dose of OMO Sensitive Washing Powder or OMO Sensitive Liquid, and run the wash cycle as normal. In a rush? Try OMO Sensitive Washing Capsules for a handy pre-measured dose of gentle but effective laundry detergent for sensitive skin – just add a capsule to your wash and you’re good to go!

Always check the care labels on your garments before setting each wash. Remember that the temperature on the label is the maximum your clothes can tolerate – you can always set it lower. Check out our wash care label guide for more information.

With OMO Sensitive, stain removal is easy – even with the messes that little ones can get into! Just pre-treat any marks with a little OMO Sensitive Liquid, or a paste made from OMO washing powder for sensitive skin and a little bit of water. Rub it in gently and then wash as usual.

OMO Sensitive might be the ideal laundry detergent for baby, but there are other things you can use this mild gentle detergent for. Try OMO Sensitive Liquid to wash clothes for those with sensitive skin or who are prone to detergent allergies.