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OMO Ultimate

When you’re doing laundry for a whole family, you need a high-quality laundry detergent that you can rely on to be tough on 99 stains, delivering outstanding cleaning in just one product. And we’ve got just the ticket: Meet OMO Ultimate, best friend of busy mums everywhere!

OMO Ultimate Liquid and Washing Powder are now available in one handy format for both top and front loader machines.

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More about OMO Ultimate

OMO Ultimate powder is packed with activated oxygen bleach and other great cleaning ingredients to brighten your clothes and tackle tough stains.

Ironing takes time and can be tricky – any time saved on this chore is a blessing! If you use a dryer, hang clothes up as soon as the cycle is finished. This will shake out most of the creases and mean you have less ironing to do. That’s more time with your little ones!

With its effective level of cleaning ingredients, OMO Ultimate is the ideal choice for keeping your white sheets and shirts looking white and clean. Remember to wash white clothes in their own separate load – you’ll avoid any colour transference that way.