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Laundry Tips

Having trouble removing stains from clothes or not sure on how to do laundry for the best results? Find the answers you need in our laundry tips.

From advice on removing even the toughest stains to general laundry tips, we’ve got you covered – whether you’re using a washing machine or hand washing clothes.

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How to do laundry at home

Looking for tips on removing stains from clothes? Browse our articles to find the right cleaning method. Whether it’s using cold water to flush out protein-based stains like blood or using warm water when removing stains like grease and oil, we know just what you need to do.

One of the most commonly overlooked laundry tips is the need to sort your washing. If you want to prevent colour run or fading, then it is important that you wash like colours together and avoid mixing your laundry loads. Separate clothes before they go in the machine to avoid any mishaps.

Do you find that doing the laundry seems to take longer and longer each week? Make more time for your family – and yourself – by following our laundry tips to streamline the process. Use different laundry baskets for different colours and switch to OMO capsules for unbeatable convenience.

If you need to hand wash your clothes – either for personal preference or because of the instructions on the care label – then you want to make sure you do it right. Choose an OMO detergent suitable for hand washing and follow our instructions to avoid waste.

Laundry doesn’t end with washing your clothes. Follow our laundry tips for drying and storing clothes to keep them looking fresh for longer. Always try to dry clothes naturally and iron carefully to avoid damage. Hang immediately after ironing to avoid new creases.