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A clothing rack with plenty of clothes on hangers.

Fabric Care

Wool, silk, cotton, or denim – whatever fabric your clothes are made from, there is a right (and a wrong) way to wash them.

Find all the washing instructions you need at OMO, as well as a range of detergents targeted at different types of fabric. We even have advice on how to wash shoes and other special items like bed linen.

Caring for different fabrics with OMO

Whatever the fabric, OMO has a detergent that is suitable. Find out more about our range of detergents on our product page and choose yours. Then all you need to do is follow the washing instructions on the label and enjoy the delicate yet powerful stain removal of OMO.

As well as following the washing instructions from OMO, you also need to check the care label on your clothes before popping them in the machine. Not sure what the washing symbols mean? We have a handy guide that can help you decipher them quickly.

While hardy fabrics such as cotton and denim are suitable for use with most detergents, you’ll need something a little milder when washing wool and silk. Find out if you can wash silk in the machine or learn the best way to clean wool with OMO.

Can you wash silk sheets in the machine? What about pillows and duvets? Cleaning bed linen is a chore if you don’t know the right technique. Learn how to wash pillows made of any material and get tips on washing sheets, duvets, and blankets here.

Your laundry basket doesn’t just contain clothes – it might also contain shoes or sneakers. Learn how to wash shoes, and whether this can be done in the machine, with us. We can even recommend the best products to get your shoes looking their best again.