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A happy baby surrounded by clean baby clothes.

Get in touch with baby’s sensitive side

Welcoming a baby into the world is an exciting time filled with first experiences for parent and baby alike. Once a baby enters the household, clothes washing becomes more than a once-daily chore. But while the task seems endless, take comfort in the knowledge that you are helping protect and care for your baby’s skin and health with some handy tips from OMO.

5 handy tips for washing baby's clothes

Tip 1

Wash your babies new clothes in OMO Sensitive to ensure any chemicals are removed before being worn.  

Tip 2

Avoid wool or nylon baby clothes. It’s also a good idea to avoid clothes with tight cuffs and elastic that goes all the way around arms or legs.  

Tip 3

Soft natural fibres such as brushed cotton or cotton fleece are best suited to baby’s skin and are also machine washable. Enjoy!  

Tip 4

Soft babies toys can be potential asthma triggers, make sure they stay clean through regular washing in OMO Sensitive.  

Tip 5

Soaking stains in lukewarm water with OMO Sensitive, it’s free of potential irritants and is super effective in stain removal.