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Caring for your bedding.

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A clean white duvet and pillows stacked up.

Doonas and Quilts

Doonas or quilts with synthetic fillings can usually be washed, but some domestic washing machines do not have a large enough capacity to allow the doona / quilt to move around freely in the drum. If your article fits into your machine use a gentle cycle, with minimum agitation. You can use normal spin. Check the care label of feather and down filled doonas / quilts as they may not be washable and may require dry-cleaning. If they are washable, wash on a gentle cycle using a detergent without enzymes. After washing, make sure they are completely dried and aired before use. Stains on doonas should be mopped up as quickly as possible. If the filling is feather or down, it is important to isolate the stain. Shake the feathers away from the affected area, and then treat the stain according to what it is.