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Find out some top tips and tricks on how to remove chocolate stains from clothing here!

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Four children with chocolate covered hands.

How to Get Chocolate out of Clothes

When we think of chocolate we often think of love. It is the treat we give children when they’ve worked hard, an affectionate gift for a loved one, a thank you for a teacher, and a simple source of comfort at any time. It has even been found to contain the same chemical (phenylethylamine) that your body releases when you fall in love, which explains a lot. But there are times when chocolate is not our best friend. And that’s when it’s caked into our clothes.

The chocolate stain removal challenge comes in all shapes and sizes. You emerge from a truffle-induced reverie and find a chocolatey smudge across your new white top… you hear a foreboding yell of ‘Mum, I think I sat on something!’ from the living room… the unpleasant experience of reaching into your eight-year-old’s pocket and discovering the melted, disfigured, fluffy remains of a two-day-old bar – all the sadder when you realise it could have ended up in your stomach rather than crushed into a pair of jeans!

Whatever the cause, it’s a stain that isn’t going to give up easily. Time for some handy tips on how to remove chocolate stains.

Chocolate stain removal: chill it out

So how to get rid of chocolate stains? A good way to tackle chocolate is to take it back to its solid state before it can melt further into the fabric – the deeper it gets, the tougher it will be to lift out. Place the garment in a plastic bag (stain facing outwards so that it doesn’t spread onto clean parts of the garment) then into the fridge or freezer until it’s hard. Using a blunt knife or something similar, gently scrape or lever the excess chocolate off the clothes. Be careful not to catch any of the fibres or to press any chocolate further into the fabric as you are scraping. When you think you’ve got as much off as you safely can, finish with a quick wash with OMO Ultimate Liquid. The build-in pre-treaters will help break down the stain and release it from the fabric.  

Water works to remove chocolate stains 

Another simple chocolate stain removal solution is to rinse the back of the stain with cold water. Never use hot water on a chocolate stain, as this will set it permanently. Run the cold tap over the stain for a couple of minutes to release it and stop it getting any deeper into the fabric before washing as usual with OMO.  

Removing chocolate stains by soaking

How to remove chocolate stains when all else fails? Give it a good soak. Although our products are designed to wash clothes clean first time, even in a quick wash, some really stubborn stains come out more easily if they are pre soaked, especially if you are going to be using cold water or washing by hand. For really stubborn chocolate stains, soak overnight in OMO Ultimate Liquid and cool water, then wash as usual the following day.   For more expert laundry tips on how to remove stains from clothes, visit our Stain Removal Tips.