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Wondering how to remove grass stains, mud, or sap? It's a jungle out there, but OMO has your back. Find simple solutions to these plant stains here.

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A little girl picking flowers in a field.

How to get grass, sap, and dirt stains out of clothes

In a busy household, it’s hard to avoid the occasional plant stain. If it’s not sap stains from your adventurous kids climbing trees, then it’s grass and mud stains from the dog walk. Just how many times have you wondered how to get grass stains out of your little one’s footy uniform, or mud out of your own favourite pair of jeans after a picnic?

Luckily, grass, sap, and dirt stain removal can be simple – with the right approach. Here’s what you need to know.

Not so fast! Before you start the grass, sap or dirt stain removal process ...   

Always remember to check the care labels on your garments before you start removing a stain, and ask a professional for help if the item is delicate or ‘dry clean only’. New stain removal tactics should be tested on a hidden area of fabric first, just to be safe.


How to remove grass stains 

You have three stain removal methods to choose from when it comes to grass marks, all of which use pretty everyday household products. To pick the best fit for your stain situation, you’ll need to consult the product and clothing labels. Here are your options:

  1. OMO Ultimate Liquid. If you often find yourself wondering how to get grass stains out of clothes, you might be surprised to learn that a high quality detergent is usually all that’s needed. First, flush the stain with cold water (hot water can set the stain) and then pre-treat it by rubbing in a little OMO Ultimate Liquid. After that, you can wash the garment in the machine on the usual settings. 
  2. Alcohol. To remove really tough grass stains, you might need a little help from a solvent, such as rubbing alcohol, alcohol-based nail polish remover, or even hairspray. Apply your chosen solvent to a clean cloth and use it to lightly blot the stain. Then simply rinse with cool water before moving on to method number 1.  
  3. Bleach. This often works well, but should really be your last resort. Bleach may be powerful enough to damage the fabric you’re trying to clean, so check clothing care labels before using this method as a fall back. If the garment can be treated with bleach, be sure to read and follow the manufacturer’s dosage and safety instructions.


How do you get dirt stains out of clothes?

At first glance, mud stains often look like tough customers, but they’re actually pretty simple to remove. So don’t worry too much when your little one comes home covered in mud after a fun afternoon outdoors – just follow these steps.

  1. Leave to dry. Yep, just sit back and relax. Mud stains are much easier to remove after they’ve fully dried out and hardened. 
  2. Scrape it off. Use a stiff-bristled brush or spoon to scrape off as much of the mud as possible. It should come away easily – so easily that it’s a good idea to perform this step outside, otherwise you’ll only find more mud stains on the carpet! 
  3. Pre-treat the stain: Apply your chosen OMO liquid laundry detergent directly onto the stain – OMO Ultimate would work well here – and gently rub it in with the Stain Eraser ball. 
  4. Wash. A normal 30- or 40-degree cycle should be all it takes to completely remove any remaining marks from the fabric. 


How do you remove tree sap from clothes?

Kids love scrambling up trees when they get the chance, so sap stains are a common parental problem. There’s a knack to removing these stains, too – they don’t dissolve in water, so your first step is to break the stain down.

  1. Apply hand sanitiser. Use an old (but clean) toothbrush to rub clear, alcohol-based hand sanitiser into the stain. This solvent should help to break down the sap stain, making it easier to remove. Repeat until the stain disappears.
  2. Wash as usual with OMO Ultimate Liquid. Remember to check the care labels for the right machine settings!
  3. Line dry. Once the garment is completely dry, you should be able to see if the sap stain has disappeared first time. If not, repeat the process.

That’s all it takes to become a plant stain pro! Now you can enjoy watching your little ones play around in the garden without having to worry about those stubborn-looking stains. After all, OMO has you covered.