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Kids had a craft glue spill? Whether you need to know how to remove fabric glue or everyday craft glue, we have the answer here. Click to find out more.

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Child decorating an egg with glue, beads and glitter.

How to remove craft glue stains from clothes

Ever noticed that there aren’t many kids’ craft projects that don’t call for glue? Even if you’re not breaking out the papier mache, there’s always googly eyes to apply or glitter to sprinkle. With all that glue around on a regular basis, it’s easy for kids to end up with a stain (or five) on their clothes. So what do you do when you’re in that sticky situation? Here’s how to remove glue from clothes!

How to remove glue from clothing: Craft glues

It’s important to pick the right glue removal method for the glue you’ve spilled. The most popular types of glue for kids are water based, which makes them very easy to vanquish. 

Animal-based glues (the ones with gelatine in them) are usually water-soluble too, so you’ll be able to use the same method – the really simple one below – on both. 

If you’re wondering how to remove fabric glue stains, skip to the next section, as these are a little tougher. If not, here’s how to remove glue from clothing:

  1. Wait. Patience is a virtue with this stain, since you can spread the stain around if you tackle it right away. Just wait for a while, and resist the urge to heat up the glue to speed things along, as this could set the stain in the fabric.

  2. Scrape. Use either the back of a spoon or a blunt knife to scrape off the dried glue, being careful not to damage the fabric. This process should help you remove the upper layers of the glue, so that you only need to worry about the small amount that’s actually stuck onto the fibres. 

  3. Treat. Rub a little OMO Ultimate Liquid, or a mixture made from OMO Ultimate Powder and water (use enough powder to make a thick paste), into the stain with a clean spare toothbrush. Then leave it to soak for 10–15 minutes in a tub of cool water.

  4. Wash. You’re best off washing glue-stained clothing at a low temperature, as warm or hot water might set any remaining glue stuck to the fabric. If the stain survives the wash, repeat steps 2 through 4 as necessary. Then allow the item to air dry.

Hint: Trying to find out how to remove glue stains from home furnishings, carpets, or the sofa? Just follow the steps above until you get to number 4, when you’ll want to use a clean cloth and dab the stain with cold water instead of washing the fabric.


How to remove fabric glue stains from clothes

Fabric glue – the kind of glue you use to quickly put together felt projects, or simple Halloween costumes – is a tough customer. It’s designed to survive the wash, so you’ll need a slightly different approach to the one above. Before you start, test this method on a small, hidden area of the fabric, as it can remove certain types of dye. When in doubt, bring your stained item to a professional.

  1. Follow steps 1 and 2 above. Leave the stain to dry, then gently try to scrape the top layer off.

  2. Apply nail varnish remover. Only a little – dab it on with a cotton bud, rubbing at the glue stain as you go.

  3. Rinse with cold water. Flush the nail varnish remover out of the fabric.

  4. Follow steps 3 and 4 above. Pre-treat the stain with OMO Ultimate liquid (or powder) and then wash on a low temperature. Dry naturally.

Now you know how to remove glue from clothing, you can relax and let your kids really throw themselves into those fun craft projects. You’ll handle any spills like a pro.

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