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Got a splash of hair dye on your clothes while colouring your hair at home? Don’t panic - find out how to remove hair dye from clothes here!

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A woman getting hair dye applied to her hair.

How to remove hair dye from clothes

So – you love your new hair colour, but you don’t love the dye stains on your clothes. What do you do? Here’s some good news: just as it’s oh-so-easy for hair dye to drip down your neck and onto your collar during a dyeing session – yikes – it’s also pretty easy to get rid of the stains. Here’s how to remove hair dye from clothes, so you can go back to feeling amazing about your new look.

How to remove hair dye stains from clothes

Hair dye stains may look like they’ll never budge, but they’re far less stubborn than they seem. That said, it’s better to avoid them altogether – which is why it’s well worth dressing up in unwanted clothes and using plenty of old towels whenever you dye your hair at home. Use the plastic gloves provided, too! 

If, in spite of all these precautionary measures, you still get a bit of hair dye on your clothes, you can try this hair dye stain removal method:

  1. Use a little bit of OMO Ultimate Liquid to pre-treat the stain. Dab the detergent onto the stain, rub it in gently, and let it work for 10–30 minutes before rinsing with cold water. When it comes to hair dye stain removal, you want to be speedy, so make sure you do this as soon as you spot the spill.
  2. Wash the item at the temperature suggested on the garment’s care label.
  3. Check for stains, and soak if necessary. If the stain hasn’t disappeared in the wash, you have two options:
  •  If the material is colour fast (try our colourfastness test if you’re not sure), then you can soak it overnight in a solution made from warm water and oxygen bleach. Be sure to follow the dosage and safety instructions on the label! Wash again at the normal temperature in the morning. 
  •  If the material isn’t colour fast, repeat steps one to two again.

Hint: Remember to read the labels on your clothes and laundry products before you start. This method should work on most fabrics, but delicate materials such as wool and silk may need gentler treatment. Speak to a professional dry cleaner for advice on how to remove hair dye stains from delicate fabrics.

How to remove hair dye stains from clothes that are white

Stains may look more dramatic on white clothes, but there are also more ways to remove them. Follow the steps for hair dye stain removal above (including the pre-treatment with OMO Ultimate Liquid) and if the stain is sticking around, try the following:

  1. Soak the item in a solution of water and chlorine bleach overnight. Read the label on the bleach for dosage and safety instructions. Always wear protective clothing, including gloves, and work with the window open, as you want the fumes from the bleach to escape as quickly as possible. 
  2. Rinse thoroughly with cold water.
  3. Wash at the usual temperature with OMO Ultimate Liquid


It’s always a good idea to let dye stained clothes air-dry: the heat of a tumble dryer may actually set the stain even further.

Now you know how to remove stains from hair dye, you don’t need to worry about colouring your hair at home. Go ahead and achieve your perfect shade!