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Toothpaste stains can make a busy morning even more chaotic, but with these tips on how to remove toothpaste stains, you’ll know just what to do.

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How to remove toothpaste stains from delicate fabrics

Toothpaste stains tend to strike at the worst possible moment. You’re running around the house on a busy weekday morning, toothbrush in one hand, your kid’s shoes in the other, and then it happens: a tiny drop of toothpaste falls onto the smart silk blouse you just put on for work. Time to remove a toothpaste stain.

Sound familiar? If so, knowing how to get rid of toothpaste stains quickly will make your morning routine much more relaxed – especially since it can be simple. So, let’s take a look!

How to remove toothpaste stains from clothes

When it comes to getting rid of toothpaste stains on clothing, you’ll find that the process is much easier if you act fast – don’t wait for the stain to dry. Whitening toothpastes in particular are best removed swiftly, since the ingredients that make your teeth that bit shinier can create an even tougher stain.

Here’s how to go about removing toothpaste stains on clothing:

  1. Use a clean, damp towel or cloth to lightly blot the stain. Remove as much as possible. If you’re tackling a dried-on toothpaste stain, try to lift away the crust of toothpaste with a blunt knife or an old card first, and then use the clean cloth to carefully dampen the area underneath and flush out as much of the stain as you can.
  2. Treat with a gentle detergent. Standard detergents with stain fighting ingredients like enzymes aren’t a good match for delicate fabrics like wool and silk, so it’s best to go for something designed specifically for these fabrics. If your item isn’t delicate, something like OMO Ultimate Liquid is ideal. Either way, use a clean toothbrush to carefully rub the detergent into the stained fabric. 
  3. Wash as usual. Use the instructions on the wash care label on your clothing to guide your next steps.

    If the label recommends a low temperature machine wash, go ahead and put it in the washing machine, choosing the ‘wool’ or ‘delicate’ cycle. If a hand wash is suggested, add some delicate detergent to a bucket of lukewarm water and let the garment soak for a bit. Then rinse thoroughly.

    Whether you’re using the machine or not, always remember to check the packaging on your chosen detergent for dosing advice. 
  4. Squeeze out excess water by rolling the piece of clothing up in a clean towel. Then, look it over to see if the stain has fully disappeared – if not, go through the process again starting at step 2 until the stain is gone. If the coast is clear, the item can be allowed to dry. Just remember: delicates like to dry naturally, so skip the tumble dryer this time.

If you’re trying to remove a toothpaste stain from a ‘dry clean only’ item, the method above might not be the best way to solve the problem. Instead, ask a professional for help – they can give your garment the care it needs.

And that’s all you need to know – pretty simple, right? Plus, now that you know how to remove toothpaste stains from clothes, you can handle any future morning splashes with panache. So relax, and enjoy the start of your day!