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Colourful clothes sitting in a laundry basket.

Stain Removal – before you start

Always remember
  • Read the care label in your clothes to make sure that your garment will not be damaged when you attempt to remove the stain
  • Never rub a stain – this just pushes it further into the fabric. Just dab the stain gently
  • Follow the stain removal advice carefully
  • Check your garment for colourfastness and dye stability first
  • Heavily stained items may require repeat treatment
  • Do not wash wool or silk in OMO. Use a pH neutral non-enzymated detergent to launder all washable wool, silk and delicate garments
  • Do not soak wool or silk, non colour-fast garments or items with metal trims/zips
  • Some expensive fabrics like silk can be difficult to spot clean at home - if in doubt, we recommend consulting a reputable dry cleaner for assistance