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Laundry soaked in water and detergent.

Washing Guide

Washing clothes is easy – with our simple to follow washing guide. From stain removal advice to tips on how to sort laundry, we’ve got you covered from the laundry basket all the way to the closet.

Browse advice on wash temperatures and the best ways to wash clothes of different materials and prevent any laundry mishaps!

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Washing tips from OMO

The best ways to wash clothes depends on a number of things: the type of clothes, the fabric they are made from, and how dirty they are. 

Not all clothes can be washed in the machine, so check the care label before washing clothes. If you wash by hand we recommend wearing protective gloves. Do not use Capsules for hand washing.

Washing light and dark clothes together can spell disaster for your laundry. Prevent unwanted stains, colour run, or colour fading by sorting your laundry before washing clothes. Want to know how to sort laundry? Just separate by colour: light, dark, and white.

Having trouble removing a few stubborn stains? our washing guide has all the techniques you need to get clothes clean again. Just remember to try any cleaning methods on a small area first.

Not sure on the best wash temperatures for your laundry? Always follow the clothes care label recommendations.