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To get the best results from your wash, it is important to separate your laundry into batches of similar fabric colours and types, and not to under-load or overload the machine.

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Smiling mum and son filling the machine with laundry.

Sorting and Loading



  • Colours: Sort it into whites, light colours and dark colours.
  • Separate: Do this by fabric type, so separate naturals, like cotton or linen, from synthetic man made fi bres, like nylon or polyester.
  • Remember: Garments made from delicate fabrics, like wool or silk should be washed with Products specially formulated for silk or wool.
  • Heavily soiled items: Always wash very dirty garments separately.
  • At OMO we believe Dirt Is Good and the good news is that no matter how dirty your or your family’s clothes get, a wash with OMO will ensure that they emerge bright again
  • Right amount: wash each load with the correct amount of the right detergent



It’s a myth if you think you can simply stuff all your garments into one load and expect good washing results. In fact overloading can cause poor wash results, damage your clothes and even damage your machine.


What’s the right amount?

For a Front loader machine you should be able to fit your hand between the top of the load and the machine drum. When you reach that level, that’s it, no more. For a top loader place garments loosely into the machine don’t push them down to fit more.


What happens if I overload?

White garments may lose their brightness and turn greyish over time as they can’t move freely so the dirt can’t be effectively washed away. Stains will not wash out as the cleaning action of your detergent and the agitation of the machine become ineffective. Your wash will be badly creased. This is because fabrics are heavier when wet, causing crushing of fabric when the machine is overloaded.