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Close up of soapy water in a blue container.

Water Hardness

It is important to know if you live in a hard, medium or soft water area since this determines what dosage of washing detergent you should use. Most metropolitan areas in Australia have soft to medium water. The most populated hard water areas are around Adelaide and parts of Brisbane. Other areas of Australia do suffer from hard water but this can be very localised, water source dependent and even seasonal. Tell tale signs of hard water are:

  • A "ring around your bath tub"
  • Soaps and shampoos do not lather easily
  • White deposits around taps and drains
  • Fabrics feel stiff, not fluffy

If in doubt contact your local water authority or supplier. You need to use a higher dosage of detergent in hard water areas to maintain cleaning performance and avoid the build-up of dirt and hard water deposits in your machine.