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Abrigos de lana doblados

Cómo lavar la ropa de lana sin estropearla

Ideal for this time it begins to get very cold, you wear woolen caps and scarves. We leave you some tips for washing is always clean and in good condition.

Thing a little difficult when hats and scarves are our young children, who habitually get dirty sweet or anything else. How to wash them so they do not spoil the wool?

  1. Ten eye water use because if hot run the risk that the wool garment shrinks and discolor. You have to use warm water.
  2. You also have to be careful with detergent, as the vast majority of them performs the function of clean clothes, but at the same time, cause the water to become alkaline, which can also make wool discolor, and attacking its fibers, its structure weakens and may end up wearing out and, worse, breaking.
  3. OMO Baby is a super good option because it is special for delicate clothes.
  4. If you're using your washer, notice that the label specifically says it can be washed as well. Right there you will find other care instructions on the garment.
  5. Use a short program and never wash one that includes spinning.
  6. If you go to wash by hand, do it with just warm water and a little detergent. Rubbing lightly and never estrujes, refriegues or wring the garment, because the wet wool warp.
  7. To dry, press the hat and scarf gently. As this is only removed a small portion of water, place them on a towel and roll up. Press again and will handle the towel to absorb excess water.
  8. For the final drying, extrude them on a table or flat surface with a clean towel down. Never crashes, especially the scarf, because you can stretch and deform water weight.
  9. And you should not dry near a stove or other heat source, because they can shrink.