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Cojines de colores

¡Mantén tus muebles y telas libres de manchas!

When we have young children it is extremely common for all our chairs are filled with crumbs and an occasional spot of sweet. Follow these tips to get back to leave them spotless.


Carpet and upholstery.

Do not eat up the couch! Typically we shout that when we see that children climb to eat pizza or chocolate-and clear! Is one of the areas that most can mess with dining chairs, upholstered and other carpets. Depending on the type of fabric in question, we can remove the stain by rubbing the soiled area with soapy water, if the case, or simply with hot water, to leave it as new again.



Cotton areas having sweet spots can be cleaned with water or soap and water white. Try using grated white soap and diluted in water to leave no residue on fabrics. We may also use liquid soap as we possibly more convenient. Remember repeat wash before rubbing too much, to avoid damaging the fabric.


non-washable fabrics.

We all know we have fabrics that can not easily be washed and often it is inevitable that our little smudging one, but quiet! In this case, it is best to gently rub the stain with a mixture of alcohol and ammonia, perhaps diluted in warm water to remove the stain. Forget stains pizzas, chocolates and sweets, because even we put the willies when we see a stain, the most important thing is to enjoy our children!