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2 super fun outdoor crafts for kids

When the sun’s out, it’s the perfect opportunity for some creative outdoor garden crafts for kids! Read on for some fun & easy outdoor craft ideas for kids.

When the sun is shining and the weather is warm, why not take the kids outside for a craft session? Outdoor crafts for children are a good way to avoid messy stains in your home and Persil is always there to help you get any stains out of clothes – just check out the Washing Tips & Tricks section for tips on removing stains like mud, grass, and paint next time you take the kids outdoors.  

Outdoor crafts for kids – why and where?

Why bother taking all your craft supplies outside we hear you ask? Well, doing crafts outside will mean there’s less cleaning up to do afterwards and will help you avoid any undesirable paint or glue splatters on your carpet or walls. Kids’ outdoor crafts are also a great opportunity to incorporate nature into a piece of artwork.

Make collecting leaves, petals, twigs, and pebbles part of the activity and then use these as art supplies. Plus, you can relax in the sun while your kids get creative! If you don’t have a garden, don’t worry you can take these garden crafts for kids to your local park, too. Scout out some picnic tables or grab a grassy spot in the sun or under a tree, and put down some newspaper as the base for your craft area. Just make sure you take all your craft supplies and rubbish with you when you leave.  

Ideas for fun outdoor crafts for kids

To avoid carrying unnecessary materials with you to the park or garden, it’s good to have a sound idea of what you want to make so you know exactly what you’ll need. To give you inspiration, we’ve listed two outdoor craft ideas for kids below. Remember – always supervise your children when doing crafts, whether they’re inside or outside. Read all instructions before starting a craft and be sure to keep an eye on your kids when using scissors or glue. 

Tree stick creatures

You’ll need: tree sticks, a cloth, kids’ paints, paintbrushes, scissors, glue, and coloured wool.

outdoor craft ideas for kids

  1. Go for a walk in your local woods and set your kids the task of finding interesting looking sticks. The bigger the better – of course, we’re not talking tree trunks; you’ll need to be able to carry your finds home! A fallen branch or stick with knots or forks is the perfect choice.
  2. Give the stick a wipe down and remove any loose bark (an adult should do this part). You should now have a smooth surface to paint on.
  3. Paint your stick with a base coat of white. Allow for this to dry in the sun and then let your child paint their tree creature with whatever colours they like. Bright patterns will make for really eye-catching designs. easy outdoor crafts for kids
  4. Next, paint on some eyes and a mouth – or there may be no need if you‘ve been lucky enough to find a stick that has a crevice shaped like an open mouth!
  5. Finally, add some hair and a tail to your tree creature by gluing some coloured wool to the head and the end of the stick.
  6. If you’re out and about, don’t forget to take your stick creatures home with you!outdoor crafts for kids

Pebble mosaics

You’ll need: small pebbles; supplies for making clay (PVA glue, cornflour, food colouring, a bowl, and a spoon); paintbrushes; kids’ paints; glitter; and crafts for kids

  1. Send your kids out on a pebble hunt in the garden or park. Patios, rockeries, woods, and ponds are good places to find pretty pebbles.
  2. Once they’ve gathered a collection of pebbles for their mosaic, you’ll need to make some clay, just follow our homemade clay recipe here. If you’re doing your craft in the park, then be prepared and bring the ingredients to whip up some clay with you. Alternatively, you could prepare some clay before you leave and transport it in a plastic container.
  3. When mixing your clay, add some food colouring to brighten it up, or get your kids to paint their clay after moulding it. You could also add some glitter to the paint. garden crafts for kids
  4. Flatten the clay into a shape of your choice – a circle, square, or heart will work well.
  5. Using the pebbles they’ve collected your little ones can then push these into the clay to create beautiful patterns. Swirly patterns or simple shapes like a fish or a star are a good starting point.
  6. Allow the clay to harden in the sun, or pop it in the oven at 100°c for half an hour. Once it has hardened your kids can put their mosaic up on the mantelpiece, or give it to a relative as a gift. If any pebbles fall off, just glue them back on! kids garden crafts

These are just two of our favourite ideas but there are plenty more easy outdoor crafts kids can do, for example garden crafts for kids like planting potatoes in containers, and making mini fairy gardens. To discover even more outdoor activities for kids, download the Persil Wild Explorers app for free from the Apple Store or Google Play Store.  

Did you enjoy making these easy outdoor crafts for kids? Do you have any ideas for fun kids’ garden crafts? Let us know in a comment below.