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3 Awesome Art Ideas For The Whole Family

Allowing children to express themselves creatively at a young age is a very important practice that all parents should put in place. By doing these types of artistic tasks together, you are not only creating a stronger bond between yourself and your child, but you are also opening their minds up to a world of wonder, discovery and creative fun!

That being said, why not go ahead and test their creative prowess and put their eye for art to the test with some of these truly artistic exercises that are not only fun and interactive – but will create unforgettable memories to boot.

Create a Rainbow Bubble Wrap Tree

This fun and interactive activity is bound to be a whole lot of fun for everyone, allowing all involved to turn nature into a rainbow artwork, the likes of which your little ones have never seen before. All you need is a colourful array of paints, five or so meters of bubble wrap (try resist the urge to pop it all before you start wrapping), some art-ready clothes to wear, and a tree. Start by wrapping the bubble wrap around your tree of choice.

Next, instruct your children to dip their hands into the paint of their choice, and then to apply their paint-covered appendage to the bubble wrap covered tree.

Squirt Gun Painting

This ‘arty’ activity will have your kids expressing their creative talents with materials straight out of the toy cupboard – water pistols. All that you need is a bunch of different water-based inks in different colours, some water pistols (alternatively, if you find that you don’t have any lying about you could always use syringes instead), a large canvas or an A1 piece of paper hung up against something you don’t mind splattering with paint, and old clothes or swimming gear.

Once you have everything you need, the rest is simple! Load up your weapons with ink, take aim and fire the contents of your ‘pistol paintbrush’ at your canvas.

A Creative Crayon Melting Pot

Create a colourful crayon masterpiece with this out-of-the-ordinary activity! You will need a thick A2 or A1 piece of white paper or cardboard, a pack of colourful crayons, some prestik or a stick of strong glue, and a hairdryer. Stick your crayons, tip down, to the top of your page with the glue or prestik. Plug in your hairdryer and proceed to blow hot air onto the downward-facing crayon tips.

The crayons then begin to melt and colour will begin spread all over your page, intertwining as they go along – creating a piece of art that any parent would be proud to hang up in their house.