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Autumn crafts and activities for kids

The rusty leaves of autumn are perfect for autumn crafts for kids. So why not go on a nature walk and try out our fun autumn activities for kids?

Autumn – the rusty colours of the trees, a crisp breeze in the air, and the crunch of leaves beneath your feet. What a wonderful time of year to go on a nature walk with your kids!

To do the autumn crafts for kids in this article, first of all you’ll need to get outside in the garden or go to your local park or woods, and go foraging for leaves, pine cones, and conkers – the Persil Wild Explorers app is a great tool to get you started.

Autumn activities for children like this are great fun. They get kids outdoors and give them the opportunity to get stuck into some sensory play – especially for little ones who may have never felt a leaf between their fingers!

These autumn activities for toddlers and older children can be fun for everyone, just remember all indoor and outdoor crafts and activities need adult supervision. Watch your kids carefully when using craft materials, like scissors or glue.

If they pick up any mud, glue, or paint stains in the process, don’t forget to reach for the Persil to clean up afterwards.  

Autumn crafts for kids to make

Nature painting

For this autumn craft for kids you’ll need: pine cones, conkers, paints, sheets of paper, a muffin tray or small pots to put the paints in, and a cardboard box big enough to fit a piece of paper in.  

  • Before you start painting you may like to give your kids a magnifying glass and let them look at the different shapes, textures, and colours of their autumn finds closely
  • When your kids are done with the magnifying glass, put some paint in each cup of the muffin tray or into individual pots. This will make it easier for your kids to dip the conkers and pine cones into the individual colours.
  • Let your kids decide what colours they want to use. They can merge multiple colours together using the rolling technique below or dip their conkers or pine cones in different colours before painting with them.
  • Once you’ve got your paints, conkers, and pine cones ready, it’s time to get creative. Nature painting techniques you could try include: pressing the pine cones or conkers directly down on to the paper, or placing a sheet of paper in a shallow cardboard box and rolling the conkers and pine cones around to create interesting patterns.
  • They’ll love getting messy and feeling the different textures of paint, pine cones, and conkers in their hands.

Nature masks

For this autumn craft for kids you’ll need: leaves, thin cardboard (an empty cereal box is ideal), string, scissors, and a glue gun – only an adult should handle a hot tool like this.  

  • If you want your mask to last longer, then it’s best to preserve your leaves. However, if your kids are super excited to get started on their leaf mask then it is possible to start straight away – fresh leaves will last for a couple of days.
  • Draw a mask shape on your cupboard and cut this out.
  • Check the eye holes are big enough for your little one, and adjust if necessary.
  • Punch holes in the sides and attach a piece of string to each side.
  • Now for the fun bit! Let your child choose which leaves they would like on their mask and how they would like them arranged. Try to use larger leaves on the outside and smaller leaves in the centre. Stick these down using a glue gun – or you could use super glue.
  • Once the glue has dried, tie the mask around your child’s head, and let them go wild, literally! Play hide and seek in the woods, or your garden and see how good your child is at camouflaging themselves! Alternatively, let your child explore their imagination – they’re bound to come up plenty of games to play wearing their new nature mask.

Not only do autumn activities for kids allow children to get creative, they also enable them to get hands-on with nature and have fun playing outside, even when the weather’s a bit chillier!

For more inspiration on activities to encourage kids to get outdoors this autumn, check out our article on woodland activities for kids, visit the Dirt is Good website, or download the Persil Wild Explorers app.

Do you have any ideas for fun autumn activities for toddlers or older children? Let us know in a comment below.