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Button Craft Ideas for Kids

Buttons are a great addition to your child's arts & crafts set – read on for simple button craft ideas for kids, including button cards, jewellery & more!

It's amazing how many buttons you can end up with at home – even if you're not the sewing type. They pop off jackets and shirts; extra buttons often come packaged with new clothing. Before you know it you've got quite a collection. So what on earth should you do with them all?

Well, button craft is a great way to use up your little store of fastenings. If you search the Internet you'll see there are lots of button craft ideas out there, but why not start by having a go at one of our fun button crafts below.


When creating crafts with buttons, kids should always be supervised by an adult. The activities listed below are suitable for children aged 6 and above.  

Button Craft Jewellery

This is a great button craft for kids as it's fun to do and you'll need very few materials to produce quirky new accessories for your kid's wardrobe. It's an ideal inexpensive birthday party activity – every invitee goes away with something unique that they've made themselves. Button bracelets, necklaces, and anklets can also be given to friends and family as funky gifts.

For the most basic of button creations, you'll need a needle and thread (thin elastic, wool or embroidery silks), and a pile of buttons. Simply:

  1. Select your favourite buttons.
  2. Cut your chosen thread to an appropriate length.
  3. Thread the needle and tie a large knot at the other end – this is the perfect opportunity to teach your little one how to use a sewing needle safely! (Always keep an eye on them when they’re handling a sewing needle.)
  4. Pass the needle twice through each button, as though stitching fabric, until the length of the thread is entirely covered in buttons.
  5. Remove the needle and then tie the two ends of the thread together to complete your button jewellery.

Button Craft Cards

Buttons are excellent as a decorative material for lots of different paper craft activities. For example, you can use buttons to embellish a handmade picture frame like the one here; or to add finishing touches to one of the paper plate crafts here. But one of the best ways you can use up your surplus buttons is to create arty greeting cards. Your kids are bound to have lots of button art ideas and will love all the gluing and sticking that's involved.

We've got lots of tips for making festive cards here, but if things get messy, don't worry, just check out our stain removal tips to get rid of any marks or stickiness.  

Button Craft Clips

This is one of our favourite craft ideas with buttons. It's super easy to do and the results are fantastic! All you need are some pretty buttons, a glue gun (make sure an adult supervises as the glue can get really hot), and either hair clips or paper clips, and some felt.


  1. Pick the button you want to use.
  2. Turn it over and put a blob of glue in the centre.
  3. Push the 'head' end of the clip into the glue and if needed stick a small piece of felt on the reverse to secure the clip.
  4. Once your clip is dry, you’ll have the perfect homemade hair accessory for your little one (they also make stylish bookmarks)!

Do you have any fun button crafts ideas that you’d like to share with us? Leave a comment in the box below, we’d love to hear from you!