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Cloud Dough Recipe for Kids

Making and playing with cloud dough is a fun, sensory experience for kids. Follow this cloud dough recipe for an easy-to-make, educational activity.

Any chef can tell you that learning new things and trying things out in the kitchen usually requires an important ingredient: a bit of mess. And this cloud dough recipe certainly isn’t missing this essential ingredient! This series of blog posts shares International Messy Play Activities from around the world that are all beneficial for child development.

These messy play activities from different countries will allow your child to express their creativity and develop self-confidence, as well as learn about other cultures. There are seven blogs in the series which include different messy play ideas to try out so make sure you take a look at them all on the Kids’ Activities page.  

What is cloud dough?

Cloud dough is an easy to-make messy play activity for the kitchen or play area, sent to us all the way from Chile. Made from household ingredients, it’s a brilliantly fluffy and light type of play dough that can be used to create lots of different shapes and structures that then crumbles back down to powder again. It can be coloured or scented to make it even more of a sensory experience at play time.  

There’s lots to learn through making cloud dough

This cloud dough recipe is a great activity for kids between 3 and 7 years old (with adult supervision). By following the 'recipe', your little one will begin to understand the importance of following instructions in order to get a fantastic end result – a great skill for all areas of life! Making and playing with cloud dough is a really sensory experience.

They will have hours of fun working their hands through the dough, strengthening the tiny muscles in their hands needed for good pencil and scissor control without even knowing it! But there’s also some planning and measuring to be done in the making of the dough so there’s plenty for your little one to be learning with this activity.  

How to make cloud dough: Ingredients

The most important ingredient is their own imagination and your permission to get up to their elbows in flour. Your child will enjoy your homemade cloud dough lots more if they are able to go for it during playtime without worrying about making a bit of mess. You need:

  • A big mixing bowl or container
  • 4 cups of flour
  • 1/2 cup vegetable oil
  • Zest of 2 oranges
  • A sprinkle of cinnamon

The basic ratio is eight parts flour, one part oil so don’t worry if you don’t have measuring cups. Just use the ratio to get the right consistency. (This is a good maths puzzle for older children.) You’ll probably also find it helpful to have:

  • A space to play where mess isn’t too much of a problem
  • Shapes and utensils to shape the dough once it’s made – ice cream scoops and cake moulds are always fun
  • A big plastic bag to store the cloud dough in the fridge for another day
  • Food colouring or non-toxic coloured powder

The recipe for homemade cloud dough

First a bit of planning and mixing.

  • You can help your child develop measuring skills by asking them to measure out the flour and oil first
  • Ask them to find shapes and utensils in the kitchen to play with once the dough is made

Now for some messy play.

  • Combine the flour and oil in a big mixing bowl
  • Use a spoon if it’s easier to start with – or just encourage your child to get hands on and mix the two together with their hands
  • Now get your child to experiment with the dough, asking them lots of questions, like what it feels like or what happens when they squeeze it in their hands

To make it an extra sensory experience, add some orange zest and cinnamon to the mixture or even food colouring. You’ll know the job is finished when the dough forms shapes easily when pressed into moulds; your child has got floury hands and can tell you all about measuring out the right quantities when making something.

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What’s your recipe for messy success?

What do you think of our homemade cloud dough recipe, have you tried it yet? Share your thoughts with us here in a comment.