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A child using scissors.

DIY: Plastic Bottle Ideas

Making the most out of old plastic bottles is much easier than it seems. In fact, with the right approach you can complete all kinds of incredible projects with your family that are easy to do and loads of fun. Keep reading to discover our top 4 ideas.

Bird Feeder

An age-old classic from schools around the world, the plastic bottle bird feeder is a fantastic Saturday afternoon project. Easy to do – each one takes under 15 minutes to make, they play a great role in teaching children a little bit about the kinds of birdlife available in your neighbourhood. Who know, you could have a budding birder in your home and not even know it.

Sandwich Bag Lids

A great chance for you to simplify your life each and every day, plastic bag lids are easy to create and even better to use. To make them: cut the top of the plastic bottle off – it’s that easy. Now, take a plastic bag and pull it through the lid so that the bag falls over the top and down the side of the open lid. As soon as that’s done, use the lid to close the top of the bottle (as you would normally) and it will close the bag completely.

Lawn Sprinkler

Only possible with the right plastic bottle, this unique sprinkler is another DIY project that takes no time to make and has the potential to become a ton of fun during summer. To find out of you have the right bottle, see if your standard hose nozzle and see if it fits onto the top of the bottle. If it does, puncture holes in the bottle to create your sprinkler, turn on the hose and away you go!

Plant Pots

The best DIY project you can do, because of its useful educational benefits, the plant pot is a great way to teach your kids about fertilisation and creativity. To make the plant pot, cut the bottle in half, half way down, and add some soil. Then the rest is up to you germinating a seed in cotton wool and adding it to the pot. Have fun!