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From Torn Jeans to Cool Jorts!

Turning long pants into shorts isn’t something new, but it’s great fun!
Turning long pants into shorts isn’t something new, but it’s great fun! At the height of summer, kids can go through multiple pairs of shorts – tearing them, ripping them – as they play and enjoy the heat and freedom of the season. Especially their favourite shorts; they always seem to wear out the fastest. But with a little bit of know-how, you can easily turn old jeans into durable shorts for your child to run around in feeling completely free. You can even make them with your kids!For the perfect guide to denim jeans shorts (jorts), take a look at our instructions below.

What You'll Need

  • An old pair of jeans
  • A pair of scissors
  • A permanent marker
  • A ruler
  • Your child / a pair of their shorts - to measure the shorts against

How to Make Your Shorts

  1. Take the jeans or long pants that you want to make into shorts and lay them out on a table.
  2. Using an old pair of shorts, decide where you want to cut the jeans into shorts (how long the leg will be).
  3. Alternatively, hold them up against your child to measure the length.
  4. Now, with the permanent marker, make a small dot where you want to cut the jeans.
  5. Lay the ruler down on the jeans, flush with the dot you made with the marker, and add a dot to the other side of the leg.
  6. If you trust your child with scissors, you can let them cut the bottom half of the legs away.
  7. Now, using the leg that has been cut, fold the jeans in half and make to more marks – one on each side of the leg.
  8. Cut the second leg off, in line with the dots you made.
  9. See your young one playing in them!
If you like, you can now have the shorts dyed to give them a truly new life. You could even surprise your child by buying the clothing dye yourself and dyeing them at home. It’s sometimes a messy affair, but it can also be great fun!