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OMO Activities: Hand Print Flowers for Spring Day

Welcome to OMO’s Kids activities! Read through our creative painting activities to keep the little ones entertained. Try hand print flowers!

Spring is a time of pretty colours, perky blossoms and warmer weather – the ideal playground setting for little ones who love to play and learn! There is nothing that welcomes the new season like a heartfelt prezzie. Here is a simple and quick gift that you can make for Spring Day this year! These are so simple to make which naturally makes them so naturally they are a great activity for younger children to enjoy to make.

In order to make these delightful gifts, you just need to fish out get out some child-friendly paint, such as tempera, and help your child pick out various colours, and as well as some paper, and get painting. To make this extra special, you will need to ensure is that the top of the flower is made with your child’s hand prints.

Where there is paint, there is bound to be a mess! Ensure that you’re armed with OMO’s intelligent detergents Not only will they ensure that stains are effectively removed, using them will ensure that you have less time to worry about doing laundry and more time to spend with your little ones. This makes a great gift for someone special!!

handart flower

What you will need

  • An Apron
  •  Craft Paint
  •  A cotton ball
  •  Ear buds
  •  An A4/A3 piece of card

Step 1

Brush the paint onto your childs hand using a cotton ball – messy, but they will love it!

Step 2

After you have painted your child’s palm with paint, stamp their hand 4 times around in a circle, overlapping the palm. You can use a different colour for each flower.

Step 3

Wait for the handprints to dry, use your green paint and pour out a small bit onto a plate and start painting the stems of the flowers!

Step 4

It is easy for kids to paint with an earbud or Q-tip! Coat the ear bud with green paint and create a stem for your flowers.

Step 5

And there you have a great picture made special for you by your kids!