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How to Make a Paper Crown

A simple household object like a paper plate can make a get crown! Find out how to make paper crowns for kids, with instructions for princes & princesses.

Kids love to play princes and princesses, so why not make them their own paper crowns? With this easy guide, kids can learn how to make a simple paper crown and be a prince or princess any day of the week!

Here, straightforward instructions provide a basic outline for the crown – then, you can let your kids use their imagination when decorating with glitter, metallic paper, and even plastic diamantes!

Once your child knows how to make a princess crown (or a king or a queen’s), they’ll be more excited than ever to play make-believe and re-enact scenes from their favourite fairy tales or films! You could even throw them a princess and princes themed birthday party, or go on a family day out and visit a real castle or palace. Paper crown crafts can create lots of opportunities for fun activities for kids.  


How to Make Paper Crowns: Use a Template

It’s easy to make your own crown by using a template. You can find loads of free templates online. Once you’ve found a template you’d like to use, follow these easy steps:

  1. Print out one template per child and cut it out.
  2. Prepare your ‘crown material’ – We suggest cardboard or thick paper (an empty cereal box is a good option), ideally yellow or gold, but you can choose whatever colour you’d like the crown to be. Alternatively, you can paint or colour the crown material later. Make sure there’s enough of the material to lay the template against several times.
  3. Lay the template against the crown material, trace it, and cut it out – Follow the instructions that come with the template, as you may need to cut out more than one segment from the template to create a crown. Measure your child’s head to make sure you have enough material to go around – you may need to cut out more segments and custom-fit them around each child’s head if you are making multiple crowns. Remember, always supervise kids when they’re using scissors and be sure to give younger children a helping hand with the cutting out.
  4. Staple the segments together to create a crown.
  5. Decorate the crown! – This is the most fun part for the kids. The crown can be painted yellow or metallic, but make sure it dries before anyone wears it! Otherwise, cover it with tin foil or metallic paper, colour it with felt tip pens or crayons, or glue on glitter, fake diamantes, sequins, beads, feathers, leaves – you name it. Let each child decorate their crown however they like – and don’t worry, Omo Auto Washing Liquid is here to help with any stains left behind.

How to Make Crowns from a Paper Plate

An alternative to using a template is constructing a paper plate crown. This is just as easy, so long as you have plates that are solid enough. Yellow or gold plates are a plus! Otherwise, you can paint the back of your plate yellow or metallic in advance, and just make sure that the paint dries before you move to the next step. Cutting out a crown from a paper plate can be a bit tricky, so remember to supervise kids with scissors and with younger children it’s probably best to do the cutting part yourself.

  1. Cut slits down the plate, as if you’re slicing a cake – Fold the plate in half and make three cuts with the scissors, dividing it into four triangles, but don’t cut all the way to the edge of the plate! Stop about an inch or two from the edge. Open the folded plate out and make two more cuts along the folded lines that have been created down the middle, again do not cut all the way to the edge.
  2. With the plate face down, bend the eight slices upwards – You’ll now have triangles poking upwards, and you should be able to wear the plate so it looks like a crown.
  3. Decorate the crown! – For an added touch, cut out paper circles and paste onto the tips of the triangles. Or go wild with craft supplies, and let each child’s crown be an outlet for their artistic talent.

Girls will love to play make your own princess crown at parties, and boys will love the chance to be crowned king for the day, as well. With these easy guides, your kids will have a royal time ruling over their artistic imagination!

Do you have any tips for creating fun costumes for kids? Let us know your ideas below!