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How to Make Paper Snowflakes for Kids

Why not get the kids involved in decorating this Christmas? Read on to find out how to make paper snowflakes for kids & get our free printable template!

Winter always comes with a change in weather – here in the UK temperatures drop and there's always lots more rain. The most beautiful winter weather phenomenon, however, is snow.

You might be lucky enough to wake up one morning and find the view outside has turned completely white, but this type of magical scene doesn't happen every year, so how do you keep your kids happy when their favourite winter activity is creating snowmen outside? Well, Persil's here to help! 

Your kids will love recreating magical snowscapes with our snow globe tutorial here; or read on for details of a great winter craft: easy paper snowflakes for kids.

Your family will have so much fun recreating the festive beauty of snow at home with these customizable decorations. The great thing is that there's very little preparation involved: our basic instructions for making paper snowflakes use only two home craft materials: paper and scissors. You might need a few other supplies if you try out some of our snowflake customization ideas below.

We think paper craft is a great way to recycle old newspapers and magazines, but if you've got a printer you might want to check out our snowflake printable. Making snowflakes with kids couldn't be easier: just print the sheet and cut it out! You may want to fold the paper in half or in quarters to make it easier when cutting out the smaller details.

Cutting out snowflakes can be tricky, so always supervise kids with scissors, and if you have younger children it’s best to do the cutting out for them. After the tricky bit is done, your kids can have plenty of fun decorating their snowflakes! Click here to download & print our easy to cut out snowflake template for kids.

Persil snowflake template for kids

With the template you can print as many snowflakes as you like to decorate your home, or you can draw-around it and cut out the amount you desire. But you can also start from scratch and make individual snowflakes with some basic folding and snipping techniques…  

Snowflakes patterns were long thought to be unique but these days we know that sometimes two snowflakes can in fact be identical. However, this doesn’t mean that your snowflakes should all look the same – here's how to make easy paper snowflakes for kids that closely resemble real snowflakes and will be unique to each child. (Remember to always supervise your child when they’re using scissors.)  

how to make easy paper snowflakes

Now that you know how to make snowflakes, the big question is, what are you going to do with them?! We've put together a few ideas to of how to change up this basic paper craft, but be warned – things could get messy!

Be sure to check our handy stain-removal tips here and cover work surfaces and clothing before you get started. Plus, we've got this handy glitter stain removal trick below to help you out!

how to make snowflakes for kids